Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been cooling it for a while and hoping someone would communicate something. But unfortunately the residents of Nanakuli Ridge are not yet aware of what blogging is. That is alright, Rome was not built in a day. We can take our time, never been done before.

I will have to make plans on going out farther, and if I ignore someone, they must have ignored me first, so it should be understood. My hope is to include everyone, but they will make the ultimate decision. Got an email from my neice Yvonne who was here a couple weeks ago. Wish I could print it. Very nice.

I will now go South to the Chinese store and North as far as Kentucky Fried, and see where I can make contact and include them in. As long as they accept that I am helping we are just fine. This will take time. I also have some Guest Authors to invite. First one is Annette, Manager of the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments. Second will be someone from the church that is building next door. and Third will be someone from Kaiser Permanente.

With those three, the center of Nanakuli Ridge will be firmly established on Nanaikeola St. I will extend my picture taking and then of course, I will accept all emailed photos, send them in. For now this one will go without photos or posters, just plain so that all five readers will see the difference.