Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nanakuli Ridge Looking Better.

Heard the noise at the church building next door and sure enough plenty volunteers. All helping out, taking the old donated  platforms apart and piling up all that good lumber for later use., I decided to get a couple photos of the workers.

As I walked in to the compound, I was pleasantly surprised that the young lady in the photo knew more or less who I was. I kept going, and got another photo from the other side.

Everybody busy working away. This church got a lot of nice members. Then at noon time, kau kau time and I went back over and we talked a little story and gave them some hats and a took a couple photos. Too many for names but we can get that next time. Six people in each photo would have been great and plenty room for the faces and names. Then I lost the photo.

Yes, this photo too dark and I am learning there too. Into the sun, not good.

Unfortunately, I still make too many mistakes with my cameras, simply because I don't know enough. Lucky, some of the young people there helped out a little. The last two pictures were in the other camera. So far, my biggest ongoing trouble is having good batteries. Then too, I didn't have the memory card and the last photo went into the internal memory which was not enough space and I lost my best ones.

We have a nice ongoing thing and there will be more photos.

"Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless someone dreamed that it should,
someone believed that it could and someone willed that it would."

Got a nice write up from Jason:

C.F. J. Church and Community Center:

We invite you to fellowship and lend a hand every Saturday (except the 1st Saturday of the month) as we continue to build our church and community center. We look forward to meeting you. God Bless. Alma Ayau        by Jason Dela Cuadra

We will get together with the pastor and talk a little story and find the right  place for my old computer in July sometime.