Friday, June 29, 2012


We are at the first half of the year and the average hits per day are going up and I am pretty sure it is mostly people from the church. So I must be there the next time they have Sunday church meeting. I can take a a few photos and perhaps get a couple write ups from someone. That would be a nice blog to share with the rest of our community.

"The best place to start to get anyplace is where you happened to be."

When I first moved to Nanaikeola Senior Apartments the center of Nanakuli Ridge was pretty sure, right in front of Sack N Save. It has been pointed out to me that the center is now moving in our direction. Very nice and will make this blog more important.

First we have my place of residence which is on solid ground. I just have to make more contact here. Then I made contact with Kokua Mau and next door, Shelly's Hair Salon. Got some good write ups and I began the extension. Then went around to Nanakuli Super and they were not interested. I think they thought I was selling something.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Iz

But I met and got a photo of Jeffrey and Carla of the Ono Steak And Lobster. Then on a nice Sunday I made contact with Angelo's Malasadas. Also two others that sell some food and that seem to think I am selling something. I will have to be patient.

Then I also got some very nice people at the Napa Auto Parts. They seem to know what a blog is and I gave them some hats. They gave me a couple soccer balls in return. So I am working  on it. I am going back and try to get another photo.

I have taken some photos at the church meetings and they were very receptive. I  look forward to having them participate whenever they wish. There is where we are going to get the bulk of our hits to get the blog going.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Nevah happened!
The Homeless are solidying in the empty grounds behind us. They don't bother much and they seem to be getting a lot more young people. I am a little worried about the fires at night, but if they are extra careful, it may be OK. We have brush fires every year when it all gets very dry.

The big ones like American Savings and Sack N Save are very leary and don't know what my angle is. I don't blame them, salesmanship always has some kind of gimmick. And if they say it is free,  be very, very careful. So, what I do in this blog, and what our information contributors are going to do in this blog is for free. We will do it for our community. And it will take time for everyone to realize this.