Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting There Slowly

Nice Monday morning to get the week off and running. I was able to do most of my morning errands. Had to make my plans and I always have to rearrange according to my health. In this case my feet. But some of my health problems can be fixed and some cannot and I must accept. My stretching exercises some to be helping out. I always stop too soon.

"Readers get onto blogs when blogs provide an informational or entertainment value
that would be a loss if not read. Clear and Simple."

Fortunately I heard the guys working on the church building next door and I thought to get a photo. I got the camera and yelled to them to "hold it." Not the kind you can get with a good camera, but it will have to do.

Then, I had a couple of dance blogs to work on and blogging is a nice hobby of mine with most of its ramifications.Then at the end of the day, I spotted the Pau Hana ring of prayer, some pictures were being taken. They can Email them to me and I will blog'em. I was so intent to get the picture I got too close to the window screen.

Very unclear, but it got the screen clear, so I am learning. I will find out how to remove
the screen and get a better picture next time.

I have to make sure I get some photos of the next church gathering and perhaps get a nice write up from the pastor. Would make a nice blog for the church members and the rest of Nanakuli Ridge too. Perhaps we can get someone from the Church to become an information contributor.

Next I would like to get the Manager of Nanaikeola Senior Apartment to get on as Guest Author but blogger has not been able to get the invitation to her. Then after, ideally, would be someone from Kaiser Permanente since they deal with quite a few people from our community.

If we average eleven hits per day, we could run it up to 20 and that is equivalent to 600 hits a month which is good contact. Our people including me, still not sure what a blog is.