Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Community Room

This is coming along very slowly, but then no one seems to know what to do. It is locked most of the time so that we all understand that it is off limits. Or being used for a private party or whatever. Sometimes, it is open and perhaps even only Ruth there. It then says welcome, even without a sign that says so. Big difference, but none of us know when that is going to happen.

"Friendship is like money -- it is easier made than kept."

Perhaps, open from 10 to 2 pm would invite social interaction. People could even do their laundry and kibutz for a little while with their fellow tenents. Easy access for third floor people but not bad for the second or fourth. We just have to make more people aware.

Ruth, Ini and Aleksander

It is taking all of us awhile to adjust, we just have to work at it together. The community room will be a great beginning because we will have a place to trade opinions informally. We can even set up a library to exchange our reading matter and a permanent swap table, all with our own rules. The possibilities are there, let's  look for them. We can make it easier for all of us in our final years.