Sunday, May 13, 2012

Church Workers

Everything going smoothly in  my work, then I saw the guys working next door on the building process for the new church. So, I finished what I had and went over with my camera. Some of the guys remembered me. and I got a photo of the first four on the ground floor.

Alma, Jasen, John and Ernest.

Unfortunately, I am getting careless in my old age and I lost the list with the names. But I figure this is not a one time thing. I will be getting more pictures of the entire group as we go along. And all the church members already know these guys anyway, and then I found the list. Ha!

Alma, John, Gabriel, Ernest and Jasen

So they suggested we go upstairs to get the other guy in the photo. Fine with me and that's my apartment building in the background. The rest of the day went all right, I stopped by the Malasadas on the way to the bus stop but they were busy putting their stuff away. The rest is in the Oahu - West blog. Cheers to all.

We don't have lawyers like these on the Waianae Coast:
A man walks into a lawyer's office and asks the lawyer what his rates are

."I charge $100 for 3 questions."
"That's rather expensive for only 3 questions, isn't it?" asks the guy.
"Yes it is. And your final question?"

Pub's Side Note: We are still hoping go get someone to voice an opinion in this blog. It is going to take some time. Nevah been dun befo'?  I know.