Friday, April 27, 2012

Recovering Nicely

Bad day Thursday, couldn't sleep and feeling bad, dizzy, and gout on my right foot swollen. Felt a little better on Friday and set out for the VA at Tripler. Left at about 12:30 and as I passed by I said hello to Jeffrey and Carla and they were setting up. Crossed the street, nicely and looked towards the sea and nothing there except the sea.

"There may not be much to see in a small town, but what you hear makes up for it."

Down to the bus stop and then walked over the mound to take a better look. Beautiful day but not a soul in sight on the Lualualei side and on the far side of Nanakuli,  a few people. No fishermen either. Calm sea and the waves were the usual high stuff.

The bus was late but I had plenty of time anyway. And I waited about 10 minutes for the 31 Tripler bus. At the VA the schedule for the next bus was 3:15 so I still had plenty of time. Went upstairs to sign up for my blood test. They were fast and I went around checkint the magazine in the differents sections. Nothing good and I don't find anymore computer magazines. There use to be many a year ago.

At the interview my blood level was too low and I have another review in two weeks. Tough. Got the 3:15 late and at the Kalihi Transit Center I figured I was ten minutes too late for the C bus going to the Waianae Coast. Waited five minutes for the 2 or B and there goes the C Bus, it was late too. So I decide to go into town and get me some goodies. Bought them and got to the bus stop with plenty of time to get the 93, Express gets on the freeway and does not get off until past Kapolei and first stop is Honokai Hale.

It was late too and I didn't get home until five.  Tired and hungry. So how was your day.