Sunday, April 15, 2012

Napa Auto Parts

Nice Saturday morning, and I got most of small items out of the way. Nearing noon, I needed some sandpaper and I had to try Sack N Save first. There were a few nice people at the door when I left the apartments and took a nice leisurely stroll to the Nanakuli Super parking lot.

"Few people ever carve their way to sucess with cutting remarks."

I gave a couple of CD copies to the ladies at Angelo's Malasadas, and went on my way. No sandpaper at SnS, so I was advised that maybe NAPA. Sure enough they got it.

In Nanakuli, dis da place.

I had never been there, I don't have a car, but I was pleasantly surprised, Nice People and I got a photo. Unfortunately, I am still pressing the button too fast, not clear enough.

Steven and Rene, gave me a couple Napa advertising balls too. Mahalo.

"Welcome to our humble establishment." ~Rene

We are gradually accumulating more Nanakuli Ridge people and we are going to deal with each other in the friendliest ways. Lookin' Good.

"So forget about blogs and bloggers and blogging and focus on this — the cost and difficulty of publishing absolutely anything, by anyone, into a global medium, just got a whole lot lower. And the effects of that increased pool of potential producers is going to be vast."

Don't I wish, I coulda walked home in five minutes. Nanakuli seems to be waking up. Now Sack N Save open till eleven. MacDonalds too. More places will be open til midnight when the new Walgreens come to Nanakuli. Wow!

"Be My Love" by Mario Lanza

One of the guys in the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments has decided to donate his body to Jennifer Lopez, and he says, "if she can't wait, she can have it now."