Friday, March 2, 2012

The Mini Web Sites

Now that we are piling up hits on this blog, I am willing to see if I can contact one of our good clients to give them the first Mini Web Site. What is it? And How much is it going to cost me? Ha?

"Make Today count. Today - each Today - is the most important day of your life."

Most Nanakuli residents already know that I do everything for fun. However, those that make over a million per day gotta pay. Sorry! You, Jeffrey, next week you are going to be in trouble. Ha!

The Mini Web Sites will be in the Pages section in the side bar. And we hope to keep them at the right size. Maximum close to a letter size poster. The first test page will be mythical. We wait to see who is the first one willing to get in. This blog is not a Web site, our blog is a two way communication tool.

We are getting some notices to the South still in Nanakuli and to the North to Laulaulei which is just fine. May even accept up to and including Maili. Da best beach park on the Island. Waianae can take care of themselves very nicely.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise"
by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

OK, let's have it. Email me as soon as possible and you are in your own Mini Web site for free and I am having fun in my old age.