Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Beginning To Move

I don't really know where the hits are coming from but the counter does not lie and Nanakuli Ridge is racking them up. Now over 20 average hits per day. Many thanks to Kimberly Ha'upu for her comments. I am sure she has more to say to our friends and neighbors here in Nanakuli. Send me an email, Kim and I will post it.

"Dream up the world you want to live in and.dream out loud."

Then too, we got a comment from Chicago, Illinois on Chrissy of the Malasadas at the Nanakuli Super parking lot. Yes, we are going International. Ha! This whole thing is looking good. Hope somebody from the Parking lot contributes some information for our readers.

We shall try to see if we can get someone from Shelly's Hair Salon to be our first Guest Author. But these things take time. Perhaps the first one will be someone from the Nanakuli Super Parking lot. We must be patient.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Frank Sinatra

The homeless section in back of Sack N Save is growing and now has about three separate encampments. The one big mistake is making the first one right in the old pathway coming from the Mauka section to the Shopping Center. So now, the people in the Mauka section trying to develop new pathways. Otherwise they do not bother much.

Going down the shopping area, many are out because they are big shots and have to ask permission. So I have to find the ones that can use the public relations among us, the ones that do not have the big bucks behind them. Perhaps the Nails or next door, the Chinese Restaurant.

Our blog (yes, it use to be mine) can evolve into a nice friendly lot of friends and neighbors helping one another. That Nanakuli spirit has been here for years. Nanaikeola Senior Apartments has been developing into a nice neighbor group. We are gradually getting more kokua from our fellow tenants. And we are going to get more local news from them too. Rome was not built in a day.