Friday, October 28, 2011

Looking Better

Had a nice yesterday Thursday. Computer problems yes, but if they are solvable, then it's not so bad. Now I am in the process of removing the Ubuntu Operating System out of my computers. After three years I have had it with their terminal business. They just feel superior to others that do real work daily on their computers. We need to use computers as a tool, not as a luxury to show anyone how much we know.

I almost forgot about the Halloween party at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, but got there before eight and it was moving along very nicely.

Got a candid shot to my left as I walked in. Some were dancing and
most everyone looked like they were enjoying the fest.

Looked around and said hello to my many friends and neighbors. They invited me to eat the pot luck which unfortunately I cannot until I get my teeth adjusted. I am going to see the dentist this afternoon. But I got another photo. This time a small group pose.

Teodora Ruballar, Joe Chai, Kathy Brown, Jeanna Kahaunaele
and Leonila Cristobal

Didn't really have time to sit down, I had work upstairs waiting for me. But I got a larger group pose this time. Jumbled up, I thought I would skip the names.

I could probably have gotten another good shot but this is where I live and there will be many more opportunities to get photos.

Then today, working on this blog I looked out the window and saw the Nanakuli kids with bags and plastic gloves picking up trash and making Nanakuli Ridge a little more respectable. This was the second time I saw them and I thought, "get the pic."

I gave the lady a hat and a couple of cards so they can see the photo in this blog. Perhaps she or any of the kids want to say something, email it and I will squeeze it in.