Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Far, So Good

This is the slowest of any blog I have started, but it is understandable, it has never been done on the Waianae Coast before. Then I happen to live in Nanakuli, so we start here and go slow.

"My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy."

We have the  Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, where I have gotten a few photos and Kokua Mau Help Center where I have also gotten a few photos. We cannot stop there. So some of you will help to increase the interest in the blog just by contributing information to be printed for the benefit of the readers, who are us.

Then you can help us get some photos and even contribute a couple of favorite photos too. Multiple people is better than just one. It gives the readers an idea that we are more than just one.

"Ride Captain Ride" by the Blues Image

Security meeting at the Community Room, 3rd. Floor
Nanaikeola Senior Apartments. Late entry.

I hope we can get the printer going at Kokua Mau, so that I can teach a few how to operate the Print Shop which I have already installed in the computer. It is just black ink but if they need anything in color I just got a new color printer and I can help.