Friday, September 2, 2011

Slow Going

Went to Auto Parts and maybe next year. Went to Sack N Save and they have to get permission from somewhere, so they are out. American Savings bank doesn't really know. Went to the Nanakuli Office of Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and they are very wary. They are not sure how it is going to cost them money. Maybe next year.
"Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world.
Don't go through life creaking."

So apparently it the same way as elsewhere. Everything can be classified into three portions to facilitate matters. Small, Medium and Large. Short, Tall and Average, young, old and in between. So I am going to find the ones that are willing to kokua with their neighbors. They will be the ones to make the blog.

Got a photo of some of our good friends from the Kokua Mau Help Center.

Interested spectators while the food is distributed.

Then I got a photo of where the work is being done.

Canned goods coming in for distribution.

Then there will be some who will go along somewhat reluctantly, but they are fine as long as they don't mess things up.  And then there are those that are very wary as to what the game is. Somebody is going to take them for some money or something. At any rate they would rather be included out.

At all times I try to make it known that the decision will be up to them. Now I have asked them at Kokua Mau, for help in getting more people into our Nanakuli photos. Maybe people from Food Giant or Kaiser Permanente.

Then in a month or so we will have a more permanent name change. Nanakuli is too big and too small. Perhaps the name of that mountain that I see every morning right behind me. Anyone know the name of that mountain?

Nankuli blog name change,
we go from here North along the Coast.