Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Nanaikeola

Nice Monday morning and I had many small items to take care of. Finally showered late and went over to the new Community Room of  the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and a nice crowd was there. Penny Kent said she got  it on good authority that the name of the mountain in back of us is Nanakuli Ridge. Hence the new name change.
"Happiness is a by-product of an effort to
make someone else happy."

I was able to get them together for a first photo at the Community Room. It will not be the last. This all takes time and with the able interests of Ruth Hinol, the Coordinator, it will do its purpose.

In back: Alexander Adameczeck, Stanley Balbuena, Ron Jr
and Penny Kent. Seated: Ruth Hinol, Joseph Chai,
Ruth Whitney, Ron Sr and Singkitchy George

Got the light in the back because that is the way they were seated. Next time we can move around to get a better picture. So we learns, in our old age. Plenty of good Potluck, unfortunately, I cannot eat yet. Perhaps I should have gotten a little bit to take, for later at home.

So now we have to work on getting some people from Kaisier Permanente and Food Giant for our coming pictures. And our blog will get bigger when one of them decides to contribute information. For now be happy.

Official Name is now Nanakuli Ridge