Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ups and Downs

We are getting a few more people, now the Security Group at the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments. Maybe, next time we can get a few words from the Officer in charge.
"Those that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils;
for time is the greatest innovator."

I had ordered the caps with Nanakuli Ridge on the front of the cap. It was going to cost me about $5 a cap. Not too bad, I have been saving my money just for this. Then they said that the printing was free but they would have to charge me a set up charge of $50. That put a damper on it. Then when I found out it would cost $70 for postage, that did  it. I cancelled the order. No caps.

Now I have found out that I can buy the blank caps in Honolulu pretty cheap. If I can find someone to print "Nanakuli Ridge"  on the front of each cap in yellow ink. I have it made in the shade if it is not too much money. Anybody out there? Help.

Gotta get another picture of Yvonne and anyone else we haven't got yet. Maybe someone can make contact with the hairdresser next door and a few of the people at Food Giant.  We have to start spreading out. We are all Nanakuli Ridge and welcomed in this Social Media.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Far, So Good

This is the slowest of any blog I have started, but it is understandable, it has never been done on the Waianae Coast before. Then I happen to live in Nanakuli, so we start here and go slow.

"My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy."

We have the  Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, where I have gotten a few photos and Kokua Mau Help Center where I have also gotten a few photos. We cannot stop there. So some of you will help to increase the interest in the blog just by contributing information to be printed for the benefit of the readers, who are us.

Then you can help us get some photos and even contribute a couple of favorite photos too. Multiple people is better than just one. It gives the readers an idea that we are more than just one.

"Ride Captain Ride" by the Blues Image

Security meeting at the Community Room, 3rd. Floor
Nanaikeola Senior Apartments. Late entry.

I hope we can get the printer going at Kokua Mau, so that I can teach a few how to operate the Print Shop which I have already installed in the computer. It is just black ink but if they need anything in color I just got a new color printer and I can help.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Crawling

Waiting for a printer, but not yet. I ordered yesterday from Office Depot and they said they would deliver today. And they are really that fast. Talk about service, they are the best.
"To be happy, we must be concerned with others."

Went to Sack N Save to get some necessaries. The eggs have gone up to 4.29 for the 18 pack. Lucky we are all rich in Nanakuli. And on the way back I stopped at Kokua Mau. They are still trying to get the printer installed.

"Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum

Went home to put my goodies away and went back to Kokua Mau. We went around and around and finally got the printer set up but out of ink. So now we must wait for the ink cartridge.

Talked with Crystal and she knows Print Shop so I hope she can help me out in my routine gathering of titles. If she learns good along with Roy, they can do a little printing for the neighborhood businesses and get more funds for Kokua Mau.

Costs about 3 cents per letter size sheet printed. They can charge 10 cents per sheet and it would not be extravagant. 9 cents for over 50 and 8 cents for over 100 or something like that.

Anyway Penny Kent came in, she has some dealings there and then I walked her home, she in a wheel chair. I live just a few doors down the hall from where she lives. She seems to have a problem installing an ink cartridge in her printer and said she would call me.

"Opportunity knocks, but you have to open the door."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slowly We Are Moving

Tuesday, I went over to Kokua Mau Help Center and their computer corner is looking good. Just waiting to get a printer hooked up. Then later my friend Gordon came over with his printer and they were closed already. He forgot the connecting cables and will try to get them to me later.
"Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind."

I went the next day Wednesday and they did not have the driver for their printer yet, so I left their new printer there. We will go slowly there. Then we have to get this camera going so I can get some photos. I lost the photos and I found this one in Windows, so I include it here. Too fuzzy, I think it is the camera.

Doing a little work and picking some funds for the Help Center.

Crystal came in today to help me with the clean up, then later on her assistant showed up. They did their usual good job and they know that we will work at it slowly and get this place in good looking order.

Hale Makana O Nanakuli, 2012

The Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association, the Hawaiian Community Development Board in partnership with the Urban Housing Communities are developing a $13.8 million 48-unit affordable rental housing project in Nanakuli.

"Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen

The Hale Makana O Nanakuli project will provide safe, secure long-term rental housing at substantially below-market rents for Oahu’s very-low income families, with three “critical need” populations specifically targeted,

This badly-needed rental housing project is one component of the “Nanakuli Village Center” development project. It's is a good location, halfway between the present shopping center and Nanakuli Ave.

They are also providing rental vouchers for all 48 units, which subsidies will assist future tenants with rent payments. Needless to say, the rich Tea Party is dead set against this sort of thing.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nice Week For Me

It was nice for me but not much news from Nanakuli. Hopefully we can get something going at Kokua Mau on the printer next week and get some communication to everyone in signs.

Q: What did the ocean say to the beach?
A: Nothing, it just waved.

Then I hope to get a photo of people I did not get last time and maybe a few from Kaiser and Food Giant too. Would be nice. And of course, I have to begin getting some quotes from our friends and neighbors.

I expect to look around and try to get a photo from the Auto repair down the street, looks like they are pretty busy there. Then maybe McDonalds. If you have any photos, email or loan me the photos and I will put them in. No hurry, we will take our time.

"Happiness is... usually attributed by adults to children,
and by children to adults."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Nanaikeola

Nice Monday morning and I had many small items to take care of. Finally showered late and went over to the new Community Room of  the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments and a nice crowd was there. Penny Kent said she got  it on good authority that the name of the mountain in back of us is Nanakuli Ridge. Hence the new name change.
"Happiness is a by-product of an effort to
make someone else happy."

I was able to get them together for a first photo at the Community Room. It will not be the last. This all takes time and with the able interests of Ruth Hinol, the Coordinator, it will do its purpose.

In back: Alexander Adameczeck, Stanley Balbuena, Ron Jr
and Penny Kent. Seated: Ruth Hinol, Joseph Chai,
Ruth Whitney, Ron Sr and Singkitchy George

Got the light in the back because that is the way they were seated. Next time we can move around to get a better picture. So we learns, in our old age. Plenty of good Potluck, unfortunately, I cannot eat yet. Perhaps I should have gotten a little bit to take, for later at home.

So now we have to work on getting some people from Kaisier Permanente and Food Giant for our coming pictures. And our blog will get bigger when one of them decides to contribute information. For now be happy.

Official Name is now Nanakuli Ridge

Friday, September 2, 2011

Slow Going

Went to Auto Parts and maybe next year. Went to Sack N Save and they have to get permission from somewhere, so they are out. American Savings bank doesn't really know. Went to the Nanakuli Office of Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and they are very wary. They are not sure how it is going to cost them money. Maybe next year.
"Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world.
Don't go through life creaking."

So apparently it the same way as elsewhere. Everything can be classified into three portions to facilitate matters. Small, Medium and Large. Short, Tall and Average, young, old and in between. So I am going to find the ones that are willing to kokua with their neighbors. They will be the ones to make the blog.

Got a photo of some of our good friends from the Kokua Mau Help Center.

Interested spectators while the food is distributed.

Then I got a photo of where the work is being done.

Canned goods coming in for distribution.

Then there will be some who will go along somewhat reluctantly, but they are fine as long as they don't mess things up.  And then there are those that are very wary as to what the game is. Somebody is going to take them for some money or something. At any rate they would rather be included out.

At all times I try to make it known that the decision will be up to them. Now I have asked them at Kokua Mau, for help in getting more people into our Nanakuli photos. Maybe people from Food Giant or Kaiser Permanente.

Then in a month or so we will have a more permanent name change. Nanakuli is too big and too small. Perhaps the name of that mountain that I see every morning right behind me. Anyone know the name of that mountain?

Nankuli blog name change,
we go from here North along the Coast.