Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Mid Week Post

I started with the beginning of the week blog post and let it evolve from there. Apparently we have to divide for we are getting a few leads. Nanakuli seems to be emerging because we live here, but eventually we have to cover most everyone and no one will get too much time.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Went to Kokua Mau and they are waiting to get a printer set up for their new donated computer. I will have to set up the Print Shop for them and show them how to use it. I also want to thank the two ladies who helped me in the clean up of my place. We have a good beginning.

Mid week should have Farmer's Market because they always send the information late in the week. We must include them for they send an awful lot of goof information on our friends in the Wai'anae Coast. Perhaps they can send  it to us a little earlier so that we can post on the Thursday blog, though I had been trying to get most pertinent information in the beginning of the week blog. The Zumba information is better in the beginning of the week.

Then at our place, on Wednesday, the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, were having a bingo, pot luck lunch starting at eleven am. A good group early on.

I cannot eat in public yet but I got a couple of photos. An awful lot of nice people living here now. And this gives them an opportunity to get to know one an other. Take your time, we got it.

 Got the second one from the inside wall looking out to the courtyard. This community room is going be the berries when they get the dance floor in. Just enough room for the gang.

And they have had several kinds of dancing for exercise including line dancing. Then Zumba is really coming in the Wai'anae Coast. Dancing at Nanaileola will happen when they have the dance floor. It should keep us old folks jumping for a while longer.

"Tell Me Why" by the Four Aces 

There is another Recreation room on the third floor that is just starting  to open up. They have a nice box for recycling plastic bottles and the last bunch was picked up by Kokua Mau. We can do our good deeds for others to benefit too. No DVD or VHS set up yet, but when it happens we can all share our favorite VHS  or DVD with our fellow tenants.

Now I have to concentrate on getting a photo from Kaiser Permanente or from Sack N Save. Either would be a good Nanakuli group.