Monday, July 4, 2011

Club Music in the West

Club Music in the West:
A DJ is the least expensive and usually has a big library of music but of course something is missing and I hear it all the time. The live people providing the music is a big, big difference. Somehow the dancers seem to connect one on one with a band.

"Happiness is like the penny candy of our youth:
we got a lot more for our money back when we had no money."

But there is the rub. Most places cannot afford a band of five or six good players, and they usually are good players. And for the West we have to be thinking about it because the Latin band will be coming soon. Ideal would be a keyboard player and a Guitar man. They must have the percussion instruments played electronically in the background, the Conga, the Bongos and perhaps a little cowbell.

There was a dance group a while back with the melodies in the background and they just provided the different drum percussions. These drums sounds are of course are so essential and have been lacking in much of the music played as "Latin."

"Echame A Mi La Culpa" por Javier Solis

The only set back would be that the background would be the same in every measure from beginning to end. Whereas in live music, the Conga man would get a few extra licks whenever he felt like it. The same would occur with the Bongos man and especially the Timbales. I can accept the cowbell banging all the way from beginning to end, that's easy.

But for most of us dancing "Mas Alla" a rumba, for example, with the good music coming through, and good solid percussion in the background would appreciate the entire enchilada very nicely. Many DJs in Ballroom are not that familiar and almost all in Country music are completely out of it.

"Mas Alla" By Luis Miguel 

About 20 years ago I had a lady dance teacher of West Coast Swing listen to a beautiful Cha Cha Cha by Rene Touzet. She immediately recognized it and said, "Salsa." With such conviction of her long years of being involved in dancing, that I could not say anything. I left it at that and accept the fact that she just would never ever know.

Most musicians understand that the pause between notes is just as important as the notes. By the same token, the pause or silence in between songs are very important to appreciate the music when it comes on.

"Cambalache" por Julio Iglesias

In disco, a person that has been running around with an earphone attached all day and goes to dance to incessant music is not getting the same bang as the ones that go without. No matter how you slice it, only a few are realizing that music can become superfluous.

In the Latin Night Clubs of the future, there will be an interval of silence in between each musical selection.