Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on Salsa/Mambo

From The Famous Moshe in New York City.
Between Mambo and salsa...

First, lets clarify what musicians say.. ALL salsa is mambo.. but.. not ALL Mambo is Salsa . It's much to do with music construction ( and in many cases, time lines )

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The physical side of the dance is where the paradigm shift took place back in the late 70s, but mainly in NYC. The rest of the "world " did not start to change their approach until the mid 80s. And the reason for the "change " was primarily the Music.

The genre began to branch out into separate styles, and the main contenders.. LA, NY. Cuban ( not as the cubans dance it ) Rueda and what is now called C Body are the most Popular. There are countries who dance a very specific style like " Cali " in Colombia.

"Señor Bolero" por José Feliciano

Mambo is still taught and danced by many of the " chain " schools, and is normally danced breaking on "2 ", whereas Salsa uses 1,2, and 3, wherever the music accents. It is the most musically complex of all the dances taught, mainly due to its poly rhythmical structure.

Incidentally, apart from Rueda and Cali, there are 5 or 6 foundational variations, that are commonly identical and are danced in the above mentioned styles. The technical and execution differences, are mainly brought about by changes in style If you are interested in learning more about the genre, go to my website.

Pub's Note: I am still trying to find out if Salsa has phased out of New York entirely.

"La Gloria Eres Tu" por Luis Miguel

Yes, we are going through another name change. Danza is just a shade classier than Baile. And at the same time, it gives me the opportunity to change the entire title from masculine to feminine. Latinos are something else.

I will continue to carry this blog on the same basis as the others. I may just add a couple of SEOs and maybe some free advertising. It is traveling slow, mainly because of the other blogs that we have at present in our blogosphere. However it is showing a regular increase. Another couple months should give us at least 10 average hits per day, then it will be on its way.

I do not intend to make any new ones, but I do intend to continue the process of making some independent (of me, anyway.) And right now we all need commenters that can write, "You can all go to hell" Well, no, not that, really.

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