Monday, May 23, 2011

Who is Hispanic?

This blog will be for those interested in Mestizo (Latin) music and dance mainly on the island of Oahu. This does not necessarily exclude those that are not Hispanic or those off island.

"Nothing endures but change and then perhaps
things do not change; we change."
Even then it's not clear who is Hispanic. On this island, Latinos are predominantly Puerto Rican, but the Mexicans are not far behind and the rest of the Latinos come to more than the Puerto Ricans. So it is getting quite diverse.

Also the Hispanic market is multi-faceted and there has been and will be more intermarriage on this island with all the ethnic groups available. Some of us speak English only, some Spanish only and some both languages equally well. Some of us were born in the US and others are foreign born.

"Tengo Todo Excepto a Tí" Por Luis Miguel

We span socio-economic classes and shades of brown. Many can and do pass for Haole. The Latinos in Tango dance groups, or Salsa Dance groups, many of which are very good dancers, do not want to be part of the ballroom dance scene because of the reputation for "correctness."

They abhor the rootzi tootzi attitude and they paint the entire ballroom dance scene with the same paint brush. We are not all the same. There are many more that are real social dancers and just want to enjoy moving to the music of their choice. Should be quite understandable.

"No Sé Tú" por Luis Miguel

They are well aware that the rootzi tootzis want no part of them and are more likely to go to a place to dance if they knew there would be no rootzi tootzis there. This will come about slowly.

We shall have a little more understanding of those who wish to be competition dancers and  "must" dance according to "their" rules. We must accept that it may not be necessarily "correct" for all dancing but it is their style which may not be "da reel teeng."

"El Día Que Me Quieras" por Luis Miguel

Then there are the Swing Dance groups and the Night Club Scene, that want no part of the ballroom dance scene for the same reasons. At this moment the Arthur Murray Studios are in the vanguard of holding most of the forts for more freedom in dance movement.

All of this which makes the Hispanic population incredibly rich and interesting, but also difficult to lump them into a monolithic group with a single leader.  We're tough to get your arms around. The issue is not black or white -- literally. Hispanics suffer perhaps from a general discomfort with grey.

"Inólvidable" por Luis Miguel

But let's face it -- there are few prominent Hispanics on this island who can speak of the complexities of our population.  We live in an extremely multi ethnic community. There may be some who can understand how to address our shared humanity. Come to think of it that's not just an Hispanic problem.

In this blog with new commentaries, Information Contributors and Guest Authors, it will come into good light and with the sameness of music and dance, it will bring us all closer together. It will just take a little time. Send them in.

Pub's Note: Saturday, 28th at the Moanalua Corridor you will all have a choice of two dancing locations. HBDA - Ohana at Aliamanu Intermediate and Dance Hawaii at Radford High School. It going to be a rip-roaring evening in Moanalua Corridor on Saturday Night. Dancers coming from Makaha and maybe from the North Shore too.