Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Happening?


A love story of two people, and officially christened the "dance of love," Rumba is the forerunner of other Latin dances. Its origins are deeply rooted in the Cuban music and dance called the "Son."

"Many people can be very happy,
but are absolutely worthless to society."

It is danced throughout the world and many sections dance it their own way which has evolved over the years. The biggest groups are the American and British styles and both quite different from the originals.  The basic in the British style is closer to the real thing than the American. But the American was first in  line and Arthur Murray made the mistake of creating the box step for a basic.

"Maria Elena" By Placido Domingo

Later to compound a bad thing for the dancers. Fred Astaire began to use the same basic in his Rumba. And Arthur Murray took him to court and WON. That was terrible for now Fred Astaire had to change his basic from a slow, quick, quick to a quick, quick, slow. That was the beginning of the big screw up in American Style of dance.

Fortunately, the social dancers are dancers and they are now using what they refer to as the Salsa or Mambo basic. All the other steps and patterns remain the same. Then we, the social dancers, can dance with each other more comfortably.
The Rumba has manifested many forms and variations throughout the 20th Century (Beguine, Bolero, Danzon, etc.). Bolero has a slower rhythm than Rumba and Rumba has a slower rhythm than Mambo, making Rumba a great dance for beginners. The sensual Rumba is a wonderful introduction to the tradition of Latin dances, Latin music and Latin body movement.

It will remain a basic, basic Mestizo dance well into the next century. The kids will make their usual "discoveries" but the Rumba will remain -  perhaps forever.

"Green Eyes" By Jimmy Dorsey

Saturday evening, the 27th of May, Moanalua Corridor will have dancers swinging from the chandeliers. The social dancers will have two choices.

Dance Hawaii at Radford High School or HBDA Ohana at Aliamanu Intermediate.
Whichever, they will be dancing to their delight and we will have a lot of happy dancers.

They are getting people from Makaha, the North Shore and with HBDA, probably getting some from the Windward side too. It is getting to be a merry crowd in a very nice place. I still think the Dance Pavilion in the West will be in Waipio.