Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Party at Nanikeola

Ran into Ruth and Mabel in the afternoon and the party was still on. I promise to get some pictures for the blog. Got busy on what I had to do at home and was downstairs before seven. I guess everyone had already eaten and the music was being set up. Got my first two photos.

On the left, the bazar and the buffet closing up. On the right the seniors socializing inside.

Left: Getting the presents ready. Right: Annette giving out the prizes.

The structure of the party was becoming more fixed. Some of us got more than one prize. The volunteer entertainers and kokua people decided to leave. I had to get that photo. By that time I had gone upstairs to take my two bags and get me a drink. Then I had a chance to get a couple more pictures.

On the left: The volunteers (bless their hearts) and on the right, opening up the presents.

And I thought it would be the right time to leave. Play a little music at home, have another drink and piddle with the computer. It was a nice day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Anodder Good Day

Woke up late, checked my email and finished up a blog. Had me a nice breakfast and then did some clean up on my computer. It is always a mess. Gotta get some stuff at the store, and I passed by Kokua Mao, and I explained to Evelyn that I still need someone to help me clean up my place.

I went to the store and waved to the people in the Ono Steak and Shrimp. Got all my goodies at the store and on the way back there was a nice set up for a picture at the Ono. I told Carla I would be right back. Got my groceries put away, cleared the camera and went back and got the picture.

Jeffrey, Charmaine, Carla, Vern, Debbie, Brooklyn and Journey.

I like this, we are getting more people into the Nanakuli Ridge blog and that is good for everybody. And I was lucky to get a good quote from Jeffrey, from John 14:6, very fitting for the Christmas season is upon us.

Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me."

I went home and within an hour I had some help to clean up my place. Evelyn and Rosie, I thank you. I was running out of Rum and I did not want to wait for the next special. So I got a small bottle and it should hold me until I can get the big bottle on special. Nice music, interesting new items on the computer, a couple hours then have something to eat and get sleepy and conk out.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It is picking up

The hits are going up slowly and I don't know why. Of course we have never had anything like this in Nanakuli Ridge. I will just have to let it roll.  I have been to the Fast Stop and can't quite get more than two people in the photo. Then they are not sure what it is all about.

"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it,
as I shall not pass this way again." ~William Penn

Next door at Mobil, they seem to be always busy, so I can leave them alone for a time. On the other side MacDonalds has a nice crowd, may try them next. I tried a McMuffin and not too bad. And I got a photo of Sack N Save, our "big" location.

Sack N Save, the anchor of the Shopping Center with Nanakuli Ridge in the background.

Passed by on the way back by the Malasadas and they are not sure what I am doing. One of the ladies hadn't even turned into the Internet to see the last picture. The people around there were not too interested in a  photo either. What for?  But I came back a got a photo.

Chrissy Bolt and Roza Mendonca, with not a very appetizing background, "Nanakuli Super."

May have to go all the way to Kentucky Fried next time. Maybe I can get some people on the way. Just got to keep it up. Eventually people will get wind of what I am trying to do.

From Actual Court Records:

ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard.
ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving at Nanaikeola

I was doing some good clean up on my computer when Ruth came knocking on my door. She came just to remind me of the Thanksgiving party downstairs about to start. It is a good thing too, for I had completly forgot about it. Finished most of what I had to do and went downstairs with my camera.

"Thanks and may we live all the years of our lives."

I said hello to most of the folks who are becoming old friends. Fortunate to get some good shots all around.

Just missed the introduction

Getting a nice crowd and my pen broke and I had to go back upstairs to get a couple more. Another picture and I got Ruth to give me a quote.

"Tonight we're celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner. We shared our appreciation of life and happiness.
Later we will share our craft project."  ~ Ruth Hinol

Nice group to the left.

Then Ruth got a quote from Annette:

"We enjoyed wonderfull fellowship with great neighbors and friends,
and our third year at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments."

They gave me a number for the door prize. I am hard of hearing and I got my signals mixed, it was not for a Mercedes Benz.

Nice and a glimpse of the courtyard

Ruth gave a good demonstration of what the Crafts people have been doing. Very good. Then I was fortunate to get another quote. This from Mabel, who is always helping:

"This is my way of giving back to the community and mother nature. It's part of my way
of keeping myself strong and healthy. I hope other people join me to keep healthy.
Come one, come all, in the courtyard of Nanaikeola building."

Getting ready for Kau Kau
Aand there was Happy Birthday for a couple of ladies. I sure missed getting that photo. I am learning.

Happy Birthday, Annette and Ruth Kingsley

Lucky people, Ono grinz

At the end Annette prepare the folks for group picture and I took advantage to take one too.

"Hail,Hail, The Gang's All Here" Well, actually no, but we are getting bigger crowds everytime. We are all
old timers and we will adjust.  I can't eat in public but I took a plate of leftovers. Just perfect.  I accept photos
from all our neighbors for the Nanakuli Ridge blog.

Pub's Side Note: We need another community organization do donate items to.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gotta Look Around

Nice day, Sunday morning and I do not have anything special to do. However  I do have to get some groceries. Now that the newly redecorated MacDonalds is finished I thought I would get a photo and then get my Groceries at Sack N Save.

Thanksgiving, celebrates the happiness that friends are always giving. Make every day
a holiday and celebrate just living!

Passed by the Malasadas in the parking area of Nanakuli Super and I thought about getting a photo there but they were busy. Anyway I got MacDonalds and in the background you can see Nanaikeola Senior Apartments.

Got my groceries and on the way home Malasadas was still busy. I thought I'd better get my groceries home and get some cards and a couple caps, just in case. Nice girls, much younger than my Granddaughters.

Pub's Side Note: I don't know where they are coming from but we are now getting more than ten hits per day. Amazing, who in the hell are we?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Day in Town.

Wednesday, the 16th was a lovely day. Got most things done and I was out of my place before 10:00 AM. Dropped in Kokua Mau and things are slow with two of the ladies ill. Then I went down the street to Farrington and the beach looked lonely. No vehicles.

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice."

Went to the bus stop laid down my backpack, went over the mound and saw that the beach had few people. The ocean was calm and nothing on it. A few of the Ladies from Nanikeola came by and got the #40 bus to wherever. I got the next C bus. And I got off in Town at Middle street at ten am. A short ten minute walk and I am at the old Transit Center. A few minutes and I am on the #31 going to Tripler.

At the VA, I wait and bleed. Then I wait and get the results and give them the latest news that they want. And I  am on the 12:45 bus going back to the Transit Center. Then  I get the #2 bus and get to the Freight Merchandisers, get some goodies, the bus again to town and get some goodies at Love's Bakery.

Then the first bus going to Alapai Transit Center and wait for the 93 bus. Left promptly at 3:00 and I am off the bus in Nanakuli at 4:00. Taking a shortcut across the Kaiser Permanente parking lot, I spotted Jeffrey and some people at the table and made signs to take a picture. At home I put my packages down, got the camera, went to the Ono Steak and Shrimp and got the photo.

Ikaika Soares, (Aloha), Roger Medeiros, Jeffrey and Carla Pelen, Butch Soares
(Waianae Mountains) and Ruth Hinol at the Ono Steak and Shrimp table.

The other photo was better but I lost it in trying to get fancy. Jeffery and Carla had a distinguished guest and I got his card to make this poster. I passed  out cards for the Nanakuli Ridge blog address on the internet, I was asked about the Hawaiian name for the Nanakuli Ridge. Sounds interesting, I will look into it. Then I went back home, got on the computer to check my email (mostly spam) and had a snack.

So how was your day?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

My toe has healed very nicely and I get around. Rearranged my computer set up so that I have one eomputer in the bedroom and one in the living room. Pretty much back to back because they share an Ethernet switch for the Internet and a USB switch for the flash drive that has my working files on it, sort of a cloud. I can work on the files from either computer.

We give thanks because "Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart."

I am trying Vista and it is not too bad. A little slow compared to  my Ubuntu but not bad for my work. I also have Ubuntu on each computer installed as a regular program and not as as a separate operating system. Though it does operate that way. The advantage is I can  delete it like any other program using the add/remove function.

I try to use the Ubuntu to surf the net, because it is almost immune to viruses and malware. So I usually end the day with it and it closes much faster than Vista too.

"Band of Gold" by Freda Payne

I touched what  few bases I have so far, and every one is doing just fine. I notified them all that we need another to add to the fold. The more the merrier. Went over to Freedom Gas Station, the Faststop and the Mobile phone store. Got a nice day time photo.

 Looks much different from when I usually see it. I get off at the
previous bus stop and ride the bike home late at night.

Sunday evening coming back from the Market, I spotted this group.
I went home and got my camaera.

Nanaikeola gang talking story near Kokua Mau

Pub's Side Note: Nanakuli Ridge is expanding, slowly but surely. I also have a Sony (xplode) cassette and CD player. The cassette player does not work very well. The CD is fine. I have ordered a new one and whoever wants this one can have it. I have too many cassettes that I will play until they wear out.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Good and Bad

The dancing going on pretty good. Stubbed my toe at home and tore part of my toenail off. I was able to stop the bleeding, and called the VA. They were nice enough to give me an appointment for the next day. They are magicians there and they fixed me up very well. I will still take it easy for a few days.

Meanwhile I have been slowly rearranging my computer stations. My Ubuntu and XP computer (dual set up) are now in the bedroom. And not a bad set up. My Vista computer remains in the living room. And I plan to wean myself out of Ubuntu and on to Windows. Ubuntu is not yet much aware of GUI.

Eventually, I will decide whether I will work with XP or Vista. Neither of them are perfect. Nor is Windows 7. All must slower than Ubuntu. However I have work to do and I will decide which is best. And out here on the Waianae Coast, I have no one to advise me on my computer use.

Things will develop. I got a nice photo of the Kaiser Permanente Van. They dance over here?

They have many local exhibition type dances but I have not seen any dancing for fun. Da Social Kine Ballroom stuff, maybe illegal.

Haven't been out much, except to the Sack N Save and maybe McDonald's for a McDouble and fries. But I was informed by Andrea to make a correction in their poster. So I just made another.

So the people that we have so far can help us get more. The more the merrier. Of course we could keep it a secret for us three and no one would ever know. We have to go South and get whatever we can from Nanakuli. Then North to include anyone from Lualualei.

Pub's Side Note: Who was that lady who said, "Men are like carpets, lay them right the first time, and you can walk all over them for 25 years!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Looking Better

Had a nice yesterday Thursday. Computer problems yes, but if they are solvable, then it's not so bad. Now I am in the process of removing the Ubuntu Operating System out of my computers. After three years I have had it with their terminal business. They just feel superior to others that do real work daily on their computers. We need to use computers as a tool, not as a luxury to show anyone how much we know.

I almost forgot about the Halloween party at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments, but got there before eight and it was moving along very nicely.

Got a candid shot to my left as I walked in. Some were dancing and
most everyone looked like they were enjoying the fest.

Looked around and said hello to my many friends and neighbors. They invited me to eat the pot luck which unfortunately I cannot until I get my teeth adjusted. I am going to see the dentist this afternoon. But I got another photo. This time a small group pose.

Teodora Ruballar, Joe Chai, Kathy Brown, Jeanna Kahaunaele
and Leonila Cristobal

Didn't really have time to sit down, I had work upstairs waiting for me. But I got a larger group pose this time. Jumbled up, I thought I would skip the names.

I could probably have gotten another good shot but this is where I live and there will be many more opportunities to get photos.

Then today, working on this blog I looked out the window and saw the Nanakuli kids with bags and plastic gloves picking up trash and making Nanakuli Ridge a little more respectable. This was the second time I saw them and I thought, "get the pic."

I gave the lady a hat and a couple of cards so they can see the photo in this blog. Perhaps she or any of the kids want to say something, email it and I will squeeze it in.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So What Snew?

The week went along very nice and slow. Offered caps to three people cashiers at Sack N Save and no takers. Nice. Maybe they are "upper strata." It is all right with  me as long as they have made the distinction, we should concur.

Hawaii Food Bank doing a great job in delivery of food sacks for the tenants of Nanaikeola Senior Apartments.

Some of the tenants take the opportunity to socialize
and help in any way.

Another shot and they look like a happy crowd.

Went around the corner from Food Giant and what ever happened to the old Service Station?

The new Gas Station with the Automatic Car Wash on the right and a whole slew of variety snacks at the 2 Go. You can see a little of the Nanaikeola Senior Apartments behind and the Nanakuli Ridge in back of that.

So I will go a little farther next time.

Q. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?
A. A sand-witch.

Don't we wish!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Doin'?

Been a little slow and that is all right with me. Still trying to get one other member for our growing ohana. Right now a couple blocks South and a couple of blocks North would be just fine. A small hole in the wall is just fine. Those are the ones that need the most help.

"Be happy.  It's one way of being wise."

My other blogs are really moving and all I need is an information contributor to get some news, any dance news to the reader/dancers of the blogs. Town Dancer is way ahead of the others in average hits per day. With two more information contributors they will be able to go independent. I can resign and devote my time to the other blogs.

Nanaikeola Senior Apartments is moving along very nicely. Now with a nice looking Community Room open daily, five days per week.

Got its own kitchen, bathroom and plenty of easy chairs and regular comfortable chairs, A TV, VHS and DVD player. A box to recycle bottles, alum cans for Kokua Mau. Hey, it's there. Yet people like to sit outside and watch the human moving scenery. Maybe we need a porch. Anyone ever hear of one?

"The Tennesse Waltz" by Patti Page

Dropped in at Shelly's Hair Studio, and got some info from Andrea for the poster. I cannot put too much information on a poster. The readers won't read it. And we need more readers which means we need another to add to our ohana.

Then we need someone with a wide angle lens camera to get a better picture for our header and get more of the Nanakuli Ridge than I got. In fact we could use photos of our ohana people and locations for everyone's benefit.

McDonalds is looking nice, and the McDoubles seem to be bigger. Nice. I haven't tried Kentucky Fried in a long time. Can we get some others, that are not food, to include too?

"Vaya Con Dios" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday is a nice day

Been busy on the other blogs but there is not much doing in Nanakuli Ridge anyway. Dropped in on Shelley's Hair Studio, Thursday and reminded them we need some one in this section to add to the ohana. Then over to Kokua Mau and they seem doing be doing just fine and they have enough help for now.
"Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants,
and to serve them one's self?"

Dropped over to Ono Steak and Shrimp and contacted Jeffrey to get the information on a poster. Hopefully Jeffrey can get us an additional member for our ohana. I may have to go all the way south for all Nanakuli and north to include Lualualei. I will play it by ear.

We have come to a very strict agreement in the rules for our ohana. No yearly meetings or annual dues. No monthly meetings or monthly dues. Nobody has to do a damn thing. That is about as strict as we gonna get.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday Holiday

Got up early Monday morning, and took my time, checked my email, reviewed the blogs and had breakfast.
"Our only security is our ability to change."

Went downstairs and check my mail, nothing there. Went outside and noticed Kaiser Permanente with no cars. Then I began to realize it was a holiday. Kokua Mau, closed, Shelley's Hair Studio closed. And little action down the street.

Looked towards the ocean and Ono Steak was opened. I dropped by and checked with Jeffrey. We are communicating and talked things over. Him and his wife seem to understand what we are doing and that it will eventually benefit all of us. I will make a poster for them too. This is fun for me.

"It's a Shame" by The Spinners

So tomorrow I have to drop in on Kokua Mau and Shelly's Hair Studio and explain that we need one other member for our blog, one block north or one block south. You want to go a little farther? OK by me. We will gradually expand it.

They have been wanting the "caps" especially at the Nanaikeola Sr. Apts. With the Thanksgiving week coming up we should get some people that want to get on the Nanakuli Ridge bandwagon too. It doesn't cost them anything and they will be helping their friends and neighbors. You can't lose for winning.

For Halloween:
Q: Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?

A: Because he had no body to dance with.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, A Nice Day

Got my few errands done for the morning  and thought I would check in my short run. Checked my mail, and then a short walk over to the Kokua Mau. Nothing much doing. Shelly next door was not open.

A short walk over the "Ono Steak" and I gave Jeffrey a sample cap. His wife Carla ran after me when I left and she wanted one too. I told her they are for "our" people, if they want. They can help in expanding this blog to include more people of Nanakuli Ridge.

Later I went over to the get ready for bingo in the courtyard community room of Nanaikeola Senior Apartments. Gave a few caps, went up and down for four trips. but I got a photo of the group.

Seated: Fina Astonishment, Ron C. Sylvester, Kathy Brown, Joe Chai
and Jeanna Kahaunaele. Standing: Ruth Hinol, Brendan Sanders,
Ronald E. Sylvester, Mabel Priddy, Leo Cristobal and Robert De Costa

I forgot to go back down and get some of that cake, but it will have to be some other time. They always have some nice goodies. The rest of the day was pretty nice too.