Monday, January 23, 2017

Nits and Nats

We have blog sites on this island and we have web sites. Everybody knows what a web site is but a blog is a late arriving thing. A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the blog page. Take a good look at the page you are looking at now. Most blog sites are typically much more current than web sites.

“In our dancing world, there’s always something to improve on.
We are never there.”

Most web sites are formed by private organizations and updated periodically by the Webmaster. A blog site is usually set up by one person and then may add many Guest Authors and each one will in effect, have a blog within the main blog. They can get in, write, save, publish and get out all by themselves. You can imagine what would happened if we had four or five Guest Authors each with their own unique viewpoints. The hits would go through the roof and I could resign and let them "inherit" the blog. I intend to have the best blogs go first. The junk blogs will remain mine.

"My Moloka'i Woman" by Willie K

The night clubbers are getting very knowledgeable about dancing. And the Nightclubs are getting bigger dance floors. Latin dances are mostly spot dances that do not travel much on any dance floor. Progressive dances travel around the dance floor according to the line of dance. Wot's Dat? It very simply means traveling in a counter clockwise direction around any dance floor, like in a Fox Trot. There is a slight variation in the spot dance called a "slot dance" such as the West Coast Swing.

"Kahalaopuna" by Amy Hanaialii

We have something similar in American Rumba. The man brings the lady in a cross body lead across him to his left and turns to face her. Then he can do the reverse cross body lead, bringing her across to his right and then turns and faces her. This is a slot. They are going to bring in another new dance this year and you can be sure it will have a slot - and they invented it all by themselves.

"Wine can make any meal an occasion, every table more elegant
and every day more civilized."

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Live Music

There must be some Live Music somewhere on Oahu that is not a secret club, but so far, the results are that we don't know anything. Up to them, no hu hu. This blog has not hit bottom but it is on its way. It may not be all my fault, but the final decision will be made by the reader/dancers.

"Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever we can find
its blossom or its seed. Having found the seed let us scatter it
to the winds of heaven. Whenever it may come, whither so
ever it may blow, it will be able to germinate."

Many places have their own Web sites and they feel they can "ignore" us as well as anyone else. of course they can. And it has been duly noted on our books and we must accept that we can do nothing for them. They think in terms of "instead of" whatever they have to promote their dance group. They have not conceived the idea that blogs are an "addition to" whatever they have. That is the name of the game and we are in the process of making the evolution so that every dancer on this island can partake of the many benefits.

Wasabi- oldies but goodies

West Oahu can be no other path for this blog for the immediate future and this includes the North Shore.  Lucky we are getting some good kokua from some in the West. There are people that realize it, blogging is ten times more effective than flyers and newsletters. Our readers will see, not only the poster with the coming attraction but also what happened at the function - notes and photos. The reader/dancers get to know that everyone attending was having a ball. The name of the game?

“Dancers know that if they let the improvement of themselves keep them busy,
they will have no time to criticize others.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Question Mark?

There seems to be several very good blogs on Live Music on Oahu. So perhaps, ours is just diluting the readership too much. They are easy to find and though they don't have counters I believe they are not out of the single digit average per day hits. With ten average hits per day you have about 300 readers per month, not bad.

"Excellent blogs don't believe in excellence -
only in constant improvement and constant change."

What is a dance blog? At its heart, our blogging is about sharing our knowledge and our reader's knowledge with our dance world. Choosing a topic that we are passionate about makes the process of having a successful blog so much easier. We will develop Commenters (at end of each blog), Information Contributors (emailed dance info to share) and the Guest Authors (their own blog within the blog.) The problem is that no one knows about this.

The correct URL for Dancing in the Dark is

I will pull the levers back on this blog and move some of information into the Dancing Night blog which covers night clubbing, Live or DJ. I can only test, what do I know? And neither does anyone else. By the end of February we should know something. Perhaps it is better to have only six blogs. I personally believe in Dancing Nights as solid, specially when we get Richie Fun back in doing his good thing.

"Nobody is perfect, but we can try to make our memories, good ones." 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Live Music in the Outskirts

Gradually it is coming to be. Tacos and More in Waianae had dancing at one time but not enough dancers interested. But of course they were limited in their advertising and they had no knowledge of our blogs. Now it is live music but only for listeners which is still good. Then more residents in West Oahu are realizing that Rapid Transit was not a misnomer, it was a deliberate lie. They are realizing it may be better attending closer by. Most people attending these new places will be residents of West Oahu. They just don't have go to town, too much humbug.

"The journey between what we once were and what we are now
becoming is where the dance of life really takes place."

Tacos and More in Waianae
I suppose it will be listener music first with perhaps more singles with a guitar. Tough, pianos are hard to carry. This is already starting on the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. Many will not be well known in the beginning but they will rapidly attain celebrity status.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Then somewhere along the line, there may be the introduction of the first Mariachi group in some Latin restaurant on the Waianae Coast or the North Shore. Start with two guitars and a back up computer sound. Later they could add a violin and the Mariachi sound would definitely be there. Then add a trumpet and that would clinch it, you would have dance music. Little known is the fact that Mariachis can play some of the best Rumba Boleros in existence. Not to mention some of the best Latin Waltzes that have ever been danced to in the entire World.

"El Reloj" por Luis Miguel

Once they have a good size dance floor the local bars can get small bands and there are plenty of dancers now and they would get more. Cholos Homestyle Mexican on the North Shore had Salsa dancing but we don't know if they still have it. Anyone can let us know and we will print it.

"Señor Bolero" by José Feliciano

Of course, the Central Valley is developing very nicely. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has done a terrific job in teaching the basics of social dancing to the residents. They have many good dancers at present and they make more every day. There has to be overflow to the rest of Central Valley. There is Dot's in Wahiawa, with a nice mix of good dance music with a live band. And Just Tacos in Mililani with Salsa dancing and a DJ. More coming? You'd better believe it.

"Dancers know that they could give up wine drinking, but they are not quitters."

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Pause that refreshes

by Maile Nakamura, Nanakuli.
Mozart a long time ago proclaimed that the silence or absence of a note was just as important as the note itself. In the course of time we have come to the conclusion that the pause between tunes is one of the most appreciated pauses in dancing to Live Music. And it has come very natural to the scene from its very beginning. Most dancers are social dancers and that does not mean dancing, dancing and more dancing with no time to socialize.

"Dancers may think that music is not to hear but to feel."

After the band plays their good piece, the dancers go to their respective seating places. They have time for a nip or two on their drinks, have a few social comments with their friends and they are ready when the next piece starts. A Classic smooth sexy Rumba with a smooth sexy rhythm, wow. Now they want to enjoy moving to this great classic.  When it ends they have time to mull it over when they go back to their seats. This does not happen always. Why?

The entire song was appreciated from every memory from way back. The tune may even remain in the dancer's mind for the next day. And it may not matter if it was danced in a Fox Trot by somebody else. The dancers were enjoying the movement to this particular music and that is what counts. Now may I say something about that great piece they just played? It was terrific.

"Music is a world within itself, with a language that we all learn to understand."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Live Music? Where?

By Jonathan Sugimoto, Waikele

Whether you prefer the quiet, laid back sound of waves crashing and guitar picking – or the thrill of a crowded, blaring concert environment – when it comes to the local nightlife and music scenes, Honolulu Downtown and Waikiki still has got you covered. By venturing from the beach to the downtown area you can indulge in a variety of atmospheres.

"Dancers know that one of the most destructive forces in our dance
world is gossip and those who spread it."

Live music clubs in Honolulu vary in size and style, some maintaining the basement or garage feel that has birthed so many of rock & roll's most famed bands, while others revel in the posh and sophisticated décor of piano lounges. Many of the newer clubs have good sized dance floors. And the Bachata - Salsa clubs have a little Cha Cha Cha and a Merengue now and then. We can expect a full fledged Latin Club in West Oahu.

"E Ku'u Morning Dew" by Willie K

There are always special appearances and weekly entertainment at local bars, restaurants, theaters, and clubs. Then there are seasonal concert series offered throughout the year. Finding something special in Honolulu has never been easier. From sultry jazz dens to head-banging metal clubs, Honolulu has no shortage of havens for live music lovers. When the sun goes down in Honolulu, the fun has just begun.

"Dancing in the Street" by Nohelani Cypriano

Thanks to this lively nightlife, many new places are in the planning stages in West Oahu for more enjoyment after dark. The Waianae Coast, the Central Valley for sure and the Latin Club would be perfect in Kapolei. The fans on Oahu find the live music scene as unpredictable as ever. If we can get the news we will print it right here.

"Social dancing is not just a dance, it is magical.
It is something that sets you free."

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

End Of Year

Live music is not set in stone, like recorded music, so within a set song there may be changes of nuances according to the mood of the situation.  Most experienced social dancers are prepared to improvise and are ready to adapt and move to the music.

But even if you are prepared by listening to Latin Music and knowing the most popular songs, you will still need to adapt your dance to suit the mood of the occasion. After all, this is the beauty of live music and dancing to it, as every performance is unique and it will depend on the mood and energy of the dancers and the musicians, as well as the rapport they create with the audience.

"Here In My Heart" by Al Martino

Last but not least, relax and enjoy! Dancing is fun and this needs to come across in your performance. Smile and do not worry too much about making small errors that the audience will not even notice as long as you keep smiling and look relaxed. Also, by relaxing you will be more able to tune in to the music and let your musical intuition take over and translate into comfortable movements. That's Dancing!

"There are short cuts to happiness and dancing may be one of them."